Philip Yamron, Co-owner and Resident Artist

I love Glass. I love to watch it move, to watch it glow. I have been watching it, working with it and thinking about it for almost 15 years and some days it feels like its the very first time I have ever touched the stuff. It is enchanting, frustrating, difficult, engaging, consuming, hypnotic. Working with this material can produce the greatest “highs” and the most defeating of lows. The scope and spectrum of what can be created with glass is, for me, matched with the scope and spectrum of what can be Felt while engaging, dancing with this material.


I love technique, the process. One action folding into another, into another, into another. Growing evermore complicated while deepening the beauty that can come forth. I once heard a comparison in regards to symphony musicians that I feel connected to. The comparison was to sports, athletes. The commentator was suggesting that a basketball player throwing free-throws that consistently hit 50 percent of their shots was considered a star.


A baseball player that hits 50 percent of the time has a 500 batting average and is considered a marvel. But if a symphony musician hits 99 percent of the notes he is obviously out of a job.

I feel this connection to glass making, I am striving for better then 99 percent. Not for the control of perfection, but the symphony that is possible with this material alours me. If it takes me the rest of my life, I will happily show up to play some more. 


Philip Yamron Glass Bio


  • 2012-present owner of and head gaffer at Pyro Art Glass Studios   Mount Clemens MI 48043

  • 2003 -2012   Glass Blower at The Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village Glass Shop

  • 2001 -2003     House Cat Glass, Ferndale Michigan

  • 10/2000- 5/2001   Traveled  Italy, Greece, Thailand, India, Nepal with my backpack



Trained with: 

  • Jeff Mack 2003-2008

  • Marc Vandenberg 2003-2012

  • Fred Sittig 2003-2006

  • Donna Maskill 1999-2003 


  • Davide Salvidore 2005  Corning Museum of Glass,  NY



  • 2/2010   Toledo Museum of Art, Glass Pavilion, featured artist  Friday 

  • 2003   Assisted Fred Sittig  at the Corning Museum of Glass, corning NY.   2100 degree program “MOTOR CITY IN THE CRYSTAL CITY”    



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