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Philip Yamron,  Owner / Artist

I love Glass. I love to watch it move, to watch it glow. I have been watching it, working with it and thinking about it since 1998 and some days it feels like its the very first time I have ever touched the stuff. It is enchanting, frustrating, difficult, engaging, consuming and hypnotic. Working with this material can produce the greatest of highs and the most defeating of lows. The scope and spectrum of what can be created with glass is, for me, matched only by what can be Felt while engaging and dancing with this material.


I love technique and the process. One action folding into another, into another, into another. Growing evermore complicated while deepening the beauty that can come forth.







I once heard a comparison between symphony musicians and athletes that I connected to glass blowing.  The commentator was suggesting that a basketball player throwing free-throws that consistently hits 50% of the time was considered a star.  A baseball player that hits 50% of the time has a 500 batting average and is considered a marvel, but if a symphony musician hits 99% of the notes he is obviously out of a job.


I feel this connection to glass making, I am striving for better then 99%. Not for the control or perfection, but the symphony that is possible with this material allures me. If it takes me the rest of my life, I will happily show up to play some more. 






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